• But realize that you weren’t made for this dunyah; this dunyah was made for you. So yes, you will be greeted with hardship and with it will be baggage, so much baggage. & maybe hardship will overstay its welcome; maybe you’ll grow tired of it being too comfortable in your setting, but respond with patience. The time will come when the hardship will depart. Respond with patience, it will soon depart. 
  • You must learn to value yourself. You must learn that you matter, that you deserve the best, and that you should never settle. Don’t settle for company just because you feel lonely, don’t settle for an acquaintance just because you want a friend, don’t settle for a person just because you want to get married, don’t settle for a cheeseburger just because it takes twice as long to get a steak. What you want, want it. What you want, work for it. What you want, get it. 
  • Don’t let anyone look down at you nor speak down at you nor raise their voice at you. You deserve to be respected and if the people around you can’t give you what you deserve, turn around and walk away. Let their screams turn to echoes and keep walking. 
  • Never trust a heart that thinks for itself or a mind that feels on its own. I don’t know what this means just yet, but in time I will understand.
  • What begins with intensity, ends in tragedy. Remember that. 
  • Don’t compare your wants and needs with anyone else. Some flowers bloom at night, some bloom in the morn. Know what you, as an individual want. Know what you, as an individual needs.
  • You never have to raise your voice to get anything you want; but learn to give strength to your words; on that alone your voice will be heard. 
  • If you’re an emotional person, be an emotional person; but learn logic. If you’re a logical person, be a logical person; but learn emotions. 
  • Never apologize for writing too much. If it’s therapeutic to you, do it. 
  • Never trust words, listen to actions and you’ll see the truth. 

How do you figure that if you think and think and think it wont lead to obsessions. That these obsessions wont rationalize with your nafs and that your nafs will defeat it leading you to act; to sin. How do you figure that if you simply think of a sin you wont eventually commit it. How do you figure that exposing your vulnerable, weak, decrepit nafs to the desires of the world, wont lead that nafs to attain them in an impermissible manner. How do you figure. 

I don’t get it.